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    March Airdrops

    Free SOW Token Worth $ 840 – Award on March 26


    SOW Airdrop Steps:

    1. Register and Verify e-mail account:
    2. Join the SeedOfWord and Webounty airdrop
    3. Join Telegram group:
    4. Follow the Twitter Group and link your twitter account:
    5. Submit ERC20 ETH address


    • Your SOW Token account will be deposited when the 7-day countdown on the site ends.
    • You will also receive + 5 USDT if you confirm KYC.


    Award Amount: 840$ SOW Token

    Airdrop ends: 20th Mar — 26th Mar(UTC)

    Reward Distribution: 26th Mar(UTC)

    Total Reward: $840 SOW Token


    Our philosophy of operations is to promote teamwork and personal development by offering, in an easy, intuitive and 100% online way, access to a world previously reserved for a few, through investment options that vary from the participation of real estate businesses, high-altitude vineyards, marketing of special products, up to the exchange and transaction of other cryptocurrencies.

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