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    Free 100 SWL + Bounty (You Can Shoot Instantly)

    1. Register StakedWallet account at:
    2. Click on ‘Get Started’
    3. Enter Your email address, create login password
    4. Tick in box ‘I accept terms…’ and ‘I’m not a robot’ then click on ‘Create Account’
    5. Login Your StakedWallet account
    6. Click on ‘Bounty’ at left side: do tasks to receive more SWL Tokens free
    7. (There is a recording task in the speech bubble at the bottom right of the Website. Don’t forget to do this task of 40 SWL)


    Earn 0.2% Daily Profits On Your Crypto  (BONUS)

    You will earn 0.2% daily bonus from the cryptocurrencies you will deposit in your staked wallet.




    Award Amount: 100 SWL (1 USD) + Per Referral 10 SEL (0.1 $)

    (There is a 5 level depth reference system)

    Total Reward: Unlimited

    Airdrop starts: You can shoot instantly

    Airdrop ends: You can shoot instantly

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