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    Staked Wallet, Daily Income and BOUNTY Program

    Staked Wallet and Bounty

    Staked wallet It is a cryptocurrency wallet that also contains its own coin.
    He currently distributes his own crypto currency SWL with his bounty. All you have to do is register for the application and perform various tasks in the bounty section (download the application, social media task, Reference earnings, etc.).

    Currently, the crypto wallet with BTC, LTC and DOGE options also has an investment bonus option.
    You can earn 0.2% daily with the daily investment bonus depending on the amount of coins you hold in your wallet. To get a daily bonus, you need to have at least $ 10 in your wallet.

    Min. Although the amount is different, it has a nice return when you keep your money in StakedWallet. You can calculate monthly, 6-month and annual returns.In addition, it is possible to increase your money in the wallet to 1.5% daily income.


    How does the Reference System work?
    -It pays 10 SWL ($ 0.1) per person you bring.
    -When the people you bring keep money in their wallets, you will earn money with them, with 5 levels of depth.

    The amount you will earn when your reference holds money in your wallet:
    Level 1 – 50% of income
    Level 2 – 30% of income
    Level 3 – 20% of income
    Level 4 – 20% of income
    Level 5 – 10% of income
    That means that if your friend makes 100 $ daily, you get your 10,000 SWL tokens on a daily basis as well. You can exchange tokens for any cryptocurrency that is available for withdrawal.

    You can also withdraw your SWL coins directly into another cryptocurrency (BTC, LTC, DOGE).


    Wallet Link: Staked Wallet

    For other questions, S.S.S:



    There is also a BOUNTY program where you can earn SWC coins by doing various tasks besides all these and exchange them for cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC and DOGE.



    Award Amount: 100 SWL (1 USD) + Per Referral 10 SEL (0.1 $)

    (There is a 5 level depth reference system)

    Total Reward: Unlimited

    Airdrop starts: You can shoot instantly

    Airdrop ends: You can shoot instantly

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