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    Atlantis 2nd Airdrop! – 40,000 ATIS in Total


    Atlantis Airdrop Steps:

    1. Talk to the Atlantis telegram bot;
    2. Answer solve captcha
    3. Join Atlantis telegram group:
    4. Download Atlantis Dapp and get your address;
    5. Write down the words mnemonic words
    6. Type Mnemonic words in the correct order in the empty box
    7. After the application opens, send your ATIS wallet address to Atlantis telegram boat
    8. 5 ATIS Token will be deposited at your ATIS wallet at the end of the airdrop


    • You can earn 25 ATIS tokens in total by sharing your reference link (max. 5 references)




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    Award Amount: 5 Atis ($3) + Per Referral  5 Atis ($3)

    Airdrop ends: At the end of the total prize

    Reward Distribution: At the end of the total prize

    Total Reward: 40.000 pieces Atis Token




    A technology financial art work from the deep network. Source of idea: Atlantis civilization reached its peak of human wisdom more than 2000 years ago, advocating freedom, pursuing perfection, and inheriting wisdom in society. The vision of the project is to build a trustworthy society of self-governance and democracy by inclusive of the public.

    The next generation of Atlantis infinitely expands the cross-chain ecosystem, with 9 core highlights and 10 ecological constructions. It is a platform for easily creating wealth.

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