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    Bankiom Free $20 USD Token + Per Referral $5 USD


    Bankiom Airdrop Steps:

    1. Register Bankiom Airdrop at:
    2. Enter Your email address and click on ‘Request Early Access’
    3. You will receive $20 USD free after Bankiom launches
    4. Check Your email to get referral link (Check the spam box)




    Copy the reference link and share it to your friends. We will be notified when there is distribution in the future.




    Award Amount: Free $20 USD + Per Referral $5 USD Token

    Airdrop ends:

    Reward Distribution: will be notified by mail

    Total Reward: –


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    Life already presents so many challenges; a universal necessity like banking shouldn’t be one of them.

    We know banks are good at keeping our money, but that’s no longer good enough. We’re not looking for banks with fancy local branches, we need an easy-to-access, secure and helpful online banking experience that offers practical financial solutions. And it’s ok, we’re not all money-savvy, so we sometimes need a little help to keep on top of our finances.

    This is what Bankiom is; a new kind of financial services company dedicated to providing the money management experience we all wish we had.

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