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    April Airdrops

    Bitfxt Exc. Airdrop $10 Voucher + Per Referral 200 NGN


    Bitfxt Airdrop Steps:

    1. Register Bitfxt Exchange account at:
    2. Check Your email to verify
    3. Login Your Bitfxt Exchange account
    4. Click on ‘Verification’ at top of page to verify Your phone number
    5. You will receive $10 Voucher free into account. Voucher will be distributed from 28th, April 2020



    • You will also receive 200 NGN ($ 0.5) per reference you bring.



    Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our channel on Telegram.



    Award Amount: $10 Voucher + 200 NGN (~ $0.5) Nigeria Money

    Airdrop ends: 28 April 2020

    Reward Distribution: 28 April 2020

    Total Reward:



    We believe that decentralised digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum will fundamentally change how the world views and uses money: cheaper, faster and safer transactions; more privacy and freedom; a significantly better user experience; and ultimately, more equality through giving everyone in the world access to the same financial system, no matter who they are or where they are from.

    Today we are one of the world’s leading digital currency companies with a team of over 60 technology and finance experts, operating across several countries and continents. Our products and services make it safe and easy for people and businesses to store, buy, use and learn about digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    Our vision is to empower billions of people by bringing digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to everyone, everywhere.

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