Allex Airdrop Steps:

  1. Start the Allex Airdrop Telegram Bot :
  2. Click on ‘Start’ >>> ‘Join Airdrop’: Pass Captcha and do tasks
  3. Send Your Telegram username to Bot
  4. Join eAUD Discord group and send Your Discord username to Bot:
  5. Follow on Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet with comment
  6. Send your e-mail address
  7. Send your ERC-20 ETH Wallet address


Click on ‘My Account’ to check Your eAUD Token balance and get referral link.




Award Amount: 20 eAUD ($16) + Per Referral 5 eAUD ($4)

Airdrop ends: 15 July 2020

Reward Distribution: 10 August 2020



The issuer of eAUD is a global distributed organization jointly organized by ReserveCurrencyofAustraliaPtyLtd (Australian Reserve Currency Co., Ltd.), the Asian Gold Bank, the Asian Financial Risk Research Institute, the International Police Family Protection Fund, and the “4K Foundation”. Mine Free Man Alliance.
eAUD is based on the gold standard digital currency and has the general characteristics of encrypted digital currency, but it is characterized by its close connection with global resources such as Australia and Malaysia, resource-related trade, and cross-border settlement. General hard currency. Users in any country can log in to eAUD’s system to convert eAUD to the currency of their country or perform services provided on all exchanges.
eAUD aims to use blockchain technology to establish a set of efficient, low-

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