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    April Airdrops

    Fiducia x OAKex Exc. Airdrop – Free 100 FDO Token


    OAK Exc. Airdrop Steps:

    1. Register on Website :
    2. Change the language in the upper right corner and click on “english”
    3. Verify your email and Login (email address or phone verify code)
    4. Easy Complete your simple KYC
    5. Invite your friends to get more tokens


    📑 Note: There is no KYC to get an airdrop, but for withdrawals KYC is required. For more information, check here


    Distribution date: Rewards will be credited to your account on April 19, 2020



    Award Amount: 100 FDO (~$7.0) + Per Referral 50 FDO (~$3.5)

    Airdrop ends: 19 April 2020

    Reward Distribution: 19 April 2020

    Total Reward:




    Oak Exchange utilizes backend server systems developed by experienced system architects and engineering teams from top IT companies, such as Google, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Barclays Capital, Société Générale, and Huobi.  Oak Exchange utilizes decentralized custody & clearing technology with global patented technology, providing the industry’s safest crypto asset custody and clearing service.

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