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    $ 15 Bonus PowerJ Passive Investment – (Last Day April 27)


    Powerj Airdrop Steps:

    1. Register PowerJ account at:
    2. Enter Your full name, email address and “Click” sign up
    3. Check Your email (Inbox or Spam folder) to verify
    4. Login Your account: You will receive 1,500 PJB Tokens free ~ $15 into account



    1.  Login PowerJ account: click on ‘Exchange Tokens PJB For Dollars’ to exchange 1,500 PJB Tokens into USD
    2. You will receive $15 into account
    3. Select ‘Investing In Trade’ at left side then click on ‘Investing’ to invest $15 and make daily profits
    4. After investing with $ 15, your daily profit will be reflected in your balance. min. You shoot as you reach the withdraw 2 $ limit. (You earn a total of $ 16)




    Award Amount: 1500 PJB Token (15 $) + Per Referral 20 PJB Token (0.2$)

    Airdrop ends: 27 April 2020

    Reward Distribution: Instant payment (min. withdraw $2)

    Total Reward: 



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