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    Rebitcoin Airdrop 21 USDT Bonus – (Reward on 20 April)


    USDT Airdrop Steps:

    1. Register Rebitcoin Account at:
    2. Enter Your full name and email address
    3. Select Your country and enter phone number
    4. Click on ‘Get Code’ and check Your email to get code then enter code
    5. Check Your email to confirm registration
    6. Login Your account: You will receive $21 of USDT bonus free
    7. You will receive $10 of USDT free per referral



    • USDT Bonus can be withdrawn from April 21, 2020 and will expire May 21, 2020, if You do not withdraw
    • Amount USDT Bonus can be withdrawn 10% on the value of Your Lending
    • Example: Your lending amount is 1,00 USDT. You can immediately withdraw an instant bonus of 10 USDT without any conditions.




    Award Amount: 21 USDT + Per Referral 10 USDT

    Airdrop ends: 20 April 2020

    Reward Distribution: 21 April 2020

    Total Reward: Unlimited




    The goal of Rebitcoin is to serve as a solid foundation for financial services, including a new global currency, which could meet the daily financial needs of billions of people Financial Freedom is not anyone’s dream anymore. Its reality with Rebitcoin. We believe that the world needs a global, digitally native currency that brings together the attributes of the world’s best currencies: stability, low inflation, wide global acceptance, and fungibility. Rebitcoin is designed to help with these global needs, aiming to expand how money works for more people around the world.

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