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    May Airdrops

    Free 750 STD Token Airdrop + (Per Referral 50 STD)


    STD Airdrop Steps:

    1. Start Telegram bot:
    2. Pass the verification code (captcha)
    3. Join Telegram Group and Telegram Channel
    4. Follow our Twitter:
    5. Perform 3 other tasks (optional)
    6. Please send your twitter and telegram usernames to the boat in order, along with “@”. (Example: @airdropwins)
    7. Please submit your ETH wallet (ERC-20) address
    8. Check your balance by clicking Balance.




    Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our channel on Telegram.


    Award Amount: 750 STD Token + Per Referral 50 STD Token

    Airdrop ends: 25 April 2020

    Reward Distribution: 30 May 2020

    Total Reward: –




    sDelta is one of the most internationalized and professional blockchain teams in the world. Nothing can be accomplished by individuals. It takes a team to build something big. We will work together, we will stand behind each other, we will laugh together and cry together.

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