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    Ubiex Exchange Airdrop-Free Mining+ 2000 UBX Token


    Ubiex Exc. Airdrop Steps:

    1. Register Ubiex Exchange account at:
    2. Choose language at right top corner
    3. Enter Your email address, create login password
    4. Click on ‘Get Verification Code’ and check Your email to get code then enter code
    5. Login Your Ubiex Exchange account
    6. Click on the ‘Email Icon’ at right top corner and select ‘Identity verification’ to verify identity (KYC)
    7. After successfully verified KYC, You will receive 2,000 UB Tokens free into account



    • You will also receive Free 1100 GHS digging power for the stock exchange’s own mining application (KYC required)
    • With this app and GHS, you can withdraw free cryptocurrencies daily (BTC, ETH. EOS, UB) and many more.



    Award Amount: 2000 UB Token + 1100 GHS (mining) + Per Referral (GHS)

    Airdrop ends:

    Reward Distribution: Instant payment

    Total Reward: 


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    One stop trading service: The most extensive trading business in the industry, including Spot/Fiat/Margin trading, meets your diversified trading needs.

    Global investors trading online: Ubiex Exchange Provides digital asset trading services to investors in more than 130 countries or regions around the world.

    In addition, it now has a mining system that you can power free with KYC for both App store and Google play devices, where you can earn many coins for free, such as BTC, ETH and EOS.

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