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    ONFO Token Airdrop + (You Can Shoot Instantly)


    Onfo Airdrop Steps:

    1. Register Onfo account at:
    2. You can register by Your Facebook or Linkedin account
    3. You must create login password and save 12 recovery words
    4. Enter Your phone number to get code and enter code to verify
    5. Enter Your e-mail addres  (Your account verified email will arrive within a few hours)



    Note: You can convert ONFO Tokens to BTC at Coinsbit Exchange



    Info Airdrop also has a 3 level Reference System:

    • Level 1= 10 ONFO Coin
    • Level 2= 5 ONFO Coin
    • Level 3= 3 ONFO Coin



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    Award Amount: 10 ONFO Coin + Per Referral 10 ONFO Coin

    Airdrop ends:

    Reward Distribution:You can shoot instantly

    Total Reward:




    ONFO is an Application-Driven, Stellar Consensus Protocol Fork with Distribution via a Fractal Growth Model and Price Stabilization through Symmetric Inflation. ONFO’s primary innovation is Network Mining: the generation and distribution of its cryptocurrency tokens through account creation and referral rewards. ONFO could also be considered a form of “stable coin” that seeks to regulate its relative trade value through network performance based injections of supply to optimize the suitability of its tokens for everyday commercial use. This business plan explains ONFO’s operational structure, intentions, and requirements. No investment is needed. Every user has a chance to earn Onfo by sharing their referral code with others.

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