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    May Airdrops

    Zapaygo Airdrop Free $5 Token – (Last 23 May)


    Zapaygo Airdrop Steps:

    1. Complete registration on the Wenx website:
    2. Start the Zapaygo Telegram Boat:
    3. Solve Captcha
    4. Join Telegram groups and channel: , and
    5. Follow Zapaygo on twitter page and like, retweet this tweet with comment
    6. Click the “submit your data” button
    7. Enter your Email address or your phone number (+…), which you have used to sign up on WenX website.
    8. Please enter your WenX UID, for (Example: 781901931525351251, Note: You can find your UID from User Center on WenX website)

    9. Enter your Twitter ID, for (Example: @airdrop_wins)



    • Note: The award will be deposited into your Wenx wallet account at the end of the airdrop.



    Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our channel on Telegram.



    Award Amount: $5 ZHT Token + Per Referral $0.1 ZHT Token

    Airdrop ends: 23.05.2020

    Reward Distribution: unlimited

    Total Reward:



    Zapaygo is creating the exclusive RewardZ MarketPlace, an exciting ecosystem where consumers, venues and brands can interact to share benefits, reward loyalty and offer discounts and promotions to create value in a truly sustainable way.

    Built on block chain technology the RewardZ MarketPlace will provide consumers and venues with the loyalty and utility enjoyed by other users of global brands.

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