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ONFO Token Airdrop + (You Can Shoot Instantly)

  Onfo Airdrop Steps:Register Onfo account at: https://my.onfocoin.com/home You can register by Your Facebook or Linkedin account You must create login password and save 12 recovery words Enter Your phone number to get code and enter code to verify Enter Your e-mail addres  (Your account verified email will arrive within a few hours)    Note: You can convert ONFO Tokens to BTC at Coinsbit Exchange     Info Airdrop also has a 3 level Reference System:Level 1= 10 ONFO Coin Level 2= 5 ONFO Coin Level 3= 3 ONFO Coin    Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our channel on Telegram.      Award Amount: 10 ONFO Coin + Per Referral 10 ONFO Coin Airdrop ends: - Reward Distribution:You can shoot instantly Total Reward: -      ONFO is an Application-Driven, Stell...

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Exchange Airdrop

Coinsbit Exc. $50 Opet Token Airdrop – Per Referral $5

  Opet Airdrop Steps:Register on the Coinsbit exchange and complete the KYC. [If its already done, then no problem]: https://coinsbit.io/ Go to this page to verify identity (KYC):  https://coinsbit.io/settings/verification Telegram Opet Bot Start: https://t.me/OPET_dropbot Join these Coinsbit telegram groups: Telegram_Eng or Telegram_Rus or Telegram_Esp Join these Opet telegram groups: Telegram_chat_Eng or Telegram_chat_Rus Create a tweet about Opet on Your Twitter. Example: https://twitter.com/airdrop_wins/status/1261361374006898689 Click on the "conditions" section in the Telegram bot After completed tasks: send Your Coinsbit username and tweet link to Bot (example: CoinsBit username https://twitter.com/username/status/00000000000000000000)  Click...

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